Westworld Competition Entry 2020

The Brief was the following:

We teamed up with HBO’s Westworld to bring you an exclusive competition: to download and score a scene from Westworld Season 3 for your chance to win some amazing prizes as well as the opportunity to showcase your work to the best in the business. 

Entries are being judged by an elite panel comprising the show’s composer, Ramin Djawadi, as well as the creators: Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, Executive Producer J.J. Abrams and the team at Spitfire Audio. 

Eintlik Nogal baie -2016 Music arrangement


Jay van Niekerk is a guy at a crossroads in his life. With his career firmly on the upward trajectory, the burdens of bachelor-hood have reached a point of full meltdown, as he realizes that he is missing one thing: Jay is looking for the perfect woman! Someone funny, someone bright and someone who can handle his love of comics! Enter Ally, a dazzling and bright, free spirited girl, who develops an extremely fond attraction to Jay’s weary and cautious nature. But will Ally’s father approve of her new choice in potential son in law? With equal parts romance, comedy, tragedy and retribution. ‘Eintlik Nogal Baie’ is an Afrikaans romantic comedy of shining charisma. Written by Jarrod de Jong

Proestraat Telvistion series : 2010-2016

Tv Series Music composer together with Jolette Odendaal

The setting of the show is the living room of the main actor Waldemar Schultz who lives on the real street “Proesstraat in Pretoria, South Africa. The main character is regularly visited by friends and relatives. The participants only know the topic of the episode in advance. The whole plot has to be improvised comically. The cast receive directions from the Regisseur (Director/Presenter) on their ear-pieces, and have to follow the cues, e.g. “Eloise: Tell the others you’re pregnant!”. The show mostly airs unedited and things that go wrong are not removed, either. The original German show was created by Maike Tatzig and aired on Pro Sieben. 

Angus Buschan's Ordinary people 2012 Film score



The backbone of the story is Angus Buchan – at the 2009 Mighty Men Conference – sharing his simple but rock solid faith with a few hundred thousand men. We experience his on-stage heart attack and the resulting personal insight he received from God regarding his own ministry. In the vast crowd we find three typical men – all in the process of being touched by the Holy Spirit through Angus’s words. We find Andre Cloete – a twenty something man who became ensnared in alcohol abuse and a wasted life – due to his broken relationship with his ‘strictly religious’ and absent father. Then there is John Peters – a middle aged panel beater from Bethlehem who’s business, family relationships and health have been spiraling down to the brink of collapse. Lastly we meet Lucky Nzimande – a young, black criminal who naively attempts to hi-jack the vehicle of two ex special-forces policemen en route to the Mighty Men Conference. The film tells the dramatic story of the three men’s journeys and….

eK lief jou film- Music

Romantic comedy 
A love triangle between a famous Afrikaans singer (Kurt Darren), his fiance (Christina Storm) and a Belgian Journalist (Ilse de Vis)

Featured as musician

Honey town logo music – 1990 (TV series) Ernest goes to Africa – 1997 (Feature film) Luxury and travel – 2007 (TV series) Proes straat logo music – 2009 (TV series)Desert diners – 2000 (Feature film) Spud the movie – 2010 (Feature film) Ek lief jou – 2011 (Feature film) Ordinary people – 2012 (Feature film) The Blanket – 2015 (Short film) Eintlik Nogal Baie – 2016 (feature film) Amandla – 2016 (Trailer Music) Ek wou nog sê – 2017 (Documentary film)