An exquisitely textured and powerful collection of songs on this his fifth studio album, KALEIDOSCOPIC is certain to please the discerning musical ear taking the listener on a journey of a multitude of musical moods.

Composed, arranged and produced by Mauritz Lotz, this epic work is bolstered by strong cinematic elements rooted in a beautiful depth of melody and spectacular orchestration.

KALEIDOSOPIC features a grouping of South Africa’s finest musicians. Denny Lalouette on bass, Vinnie Henrico on drums, Jaconell Mouton on piano, Susan Mouton on cello,Lizelle le Roux and Evert van Niekerk on violin.

The album features stand out performances by soloists and artists, with Jaconel Mouton on the quirky yet brilliant piece 5FOUR. The award winning instrumental group Sterling EQ appears on the track MERIDIAN. The album’s mix engineer, Byron Keno lends vocals on BELIEVING. Lizzy Rennie is featured on GENESIS. Kreesan sings on the rousing THIRUPATHI. Renate Riedemann features on CONSCENDO , Lizelle le Roux's virtuosic and soulful  performance on VIOLIN SUITE  as well as an expert vocal performance by Veronique Lalouette on KALEIDOSCOPIC .

Then there is the mastery in the guitar playing of Mauritz Lotz.The virtuosic display of textures, styles and feel, reminds us that he is a leader in his field. He describes this album as a “composition driven project” which certainly cements the undeniable talents of Mauritz Lotz.