Released in 2014.  

Celebrating his 31 years in the music industry, finally now comes Mauritz’s long anticipated new solo album, Kaleidoscopic. 

A powerful collection of songs, exquisitely textured, Kaleidoscopic features, (like all his previous albums), some of the finest musicians in South Africa. A more composition driven project, this album has strong cinematic influence, bolstered with depth of melody and spectacular orchestration. 

As the highly acclaimed guitarist, well-respected producer and composer that he is, Mauritz continues to shift his own musical boundaries by actively exploring his passion and love for film music.

Along with the many stand out performances from guest artists/soloists, the virtuosic display of textures, styles and feel in Mauritz’s guitar playing, reminds the listener that he still remains to be a leader in his field, cementing his undeniable talents that earned him his rightful place in the history of South African music.