Mauritz Lotz

Composer - Producer -Guitarist

“Music is the universal language that binds us all together”

-Musicians across the world 

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I have never been much of gear person myself but these two brands serve me well. These two electrics are my workhorses when it comes to recording and live performing. 


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Mathys Roets and Mauritz Lotz bring a unique performance, specially created for the Atterbury Theater stage. Two years of talents that bring music and word together in a special show that fills the stage with warmth.

Mathys’ soulful deep voice and the legendary Mauritz Lotz’s indescribable guitar playing are a must-miss. Mathys sings old celebrities, but surprises with new music as well.

The perfect Sunday afternoon performance, specially brought to you from the Atterbury Theater stage.

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VREDE combines a collection of music that will not only make you feel nostalgic about the past, but will inspire hope for the future and make you appreciate the present. This acoustic recording will build on the winning recipe for which he is known, but will also showcase a brand new side of his music to the public and will be released on all digital platforms on 29 May 2020.

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